Powertrac Tractor Price, Features, and Specifications- Khetigaadi

Powertrac Tractor Price, Features, and Specifications- Khetigaadi

The most popular brand among Indian farmers is Powertrac. The Powertrac tractor belongs to the Escorts category. Hari Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda are the founders of this tractor. Farmtrac and Digitrac are the Powertrac brand's sister companies. The tractor performs well and efficiently. It has more than 27 tractor models. The horsepower range is 25 to 60. This tractor has a starting price of 4.00 Lac. Powertrac Euro 50 and Powertrac 439 Plus are the most popular tractor models among farmers.

The most expensive tractor is the Powertrac Euro 75, which costs Rs 12 lac, and the cheapest tractor is the Powertrac 425 N, which costs Rs 5.30 lac. Powertrac Euro 75 has a horsepower rating of 75, while Powertrac 425 N has a horsepower rating of 25. This brand's most popular tractor models are the Powertrac 439 Plus, Powertrac Euro 50, and Powertrac 434.

This tractor has a more extensive network throughout India. It has over 411 dealers in India.

Powetrac Tractor Series in India:

Powertrac Euro series: This series comes with advanced and modern technologies. The series offers 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. The Hp range of this series is 28-60 Hp, and the price range is Rs. 4.90 lakh - Rs. 8.40 Lakh. The Powertrac Euro Series consists of a 10 tractor models and the most popular tractor models of this series are Powertrac Euro 50, Powertrac Euro 439, Powertrac Euro 60.

Powertrac ALT Series: The series comes with a 28 to 41 Hp. The price range of this tractor series are Rs 4.6 lacs and Rs. 5.75 lacs. The most popular models of this ATT series are Powertrac ALT 4000 Tractor comes with a Rs. 5.30 Lac – 5.75 Lac. Powertrac ALT 3500 Tractor is 37 HP power and Rs. 4.90 Lacs* – 5.25 Lacs. ALT series tractors are used in variety of areas including rice, sugarcane, wheat and maize.

Powertrac DS Series: The Ds series are well known for paddy and pudding operations. The tractor comes with advanced features. The starting of this series of tractor is Rs 4.10 lakh* - Rs. 5.60 Lakh. The models under this series are Powertrac 439 DS Super Saver, Powertrac 434 DS Super Saver, and Powertrac 425 DS.

Powetrac Next Series: The next series tractors come with a 52 to 60 Hp. The most popular tractor models are: Powertrac Euro 50 Next, Powertrac Euro 55 Next, Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4wd and Powertrac Euro 60 Next.

Frequently asked questions about Powertrac Tractor :

Question: What is the cost of a Powertrac Tractor?

Answer: The cost of this tractor is 4.00 Lac.

Question: What is the Hp range of this Powertrac Tractor?

Answer: The Hp range of this tractor is 25 Hp to 60 Hp.

Question: Who is the founder of this Powertrac company.

Answer: The Hari Prasand Nanda and Yudi Nanda are the founder of this company.